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Seville essential
Simply Seville
Let us show you the highlights of Seville. Your guide will pick you up at your hotel and accompany you to savor the monumental area of this legendary city founded by Hercules himself. You will stroll through the historic center surrounding magnificent monuments declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO and the magnificent Giralda, crowning the sky of Seville. We will enter the narrow streets of the famous Santa Cruz neighborhood, the old Jewish quarter of Seville, with its charming little squares, its typical Andalusian houses with their patios full of flowers and you will learn about the most chilling legends hidden in its corners.

*Maximum duration: 2 hours. Does not include entrance to any monument.
Captivating Seville
If you choose this tour we will add to the visit of "simply Seville" the entrance to one of the world heritage monuments, you will be able to choose between:

* Alcazar: The oldest royal palace in use in Europe. A lost treasure in the immensity of the great city. Home of great kings and emperors, headquarters of the Casa de contratación. Its majestic rooms will tell us stories of court murders, royal weddings, concubines... with endless gardens where you can get lost and forget everything. Doubts will run through your thoughts: Why did they call Peter the Cruel the creator of such a harmonious palace? Our guide will be happy to answer your questions.

* Cathedral of Santa María de la Sede: Third largest Christian Church in the world, where everyone who visits it feels enveloped by the spirituality emanated by the thick walls of Cadiz stones, its colorful stained glass windows, its majestic and colossal high altar covered entirely in gold. A magnificent museum with countless works of art by the best Spanish painters such as Murillo and Goya. It houses within its walls great mysteries that our guide will help you solve: do we have here the body of Christopher Columbus? One really thinks that those who devised its construction were crazy. They achieved their purpose.

*Maximum duration: 3 hours. Includes entrance to one monument.
Deep Seville
In this tour we will make you discover a great part of the charms of Seville. Our guide will pick you up at your hotel or meet you at an agreed point and show you the wonderful Santa Cruz neighborhood, the old Jewish quarter, with its legends, narrow streets, small squares, whitewashed houses and decorated courtyards. You will enjoy the spectacular Plaza de España, the most visited monument in Seville, and afterwards you will visit our two most emblematic buildings: the Cathedral and the Alcazar.

*Maximum duration: 4 hours. Includes entrance fees to the Cathedral and the Alcazar.
Half day in Seville
Essence of Seville
Walking tour, starting with a visit to wonderful corners of the Santa Cruz neighborhood, the most famous and visited of Seville. We will continue our walk contemplating the exteriors of the magnificent Real Fábrica de Tabacos, inspiration for one of the most famous operas based in Seville: "Carmen la cigarrera". We will continue to the Plaza de España, built as the site of the Spanish pavilion for the Ibero-American exhibition of 1929 and today an emblematic monument that no visitor should miss in Seville. Just around the corner the Maria Luisa Park will be waiting to show us all its splendor as we explore it. Leaving this oasis we will return to the historic center along the Guadalquivir River, witness of the history of this city.

We will finish our visit tasting a tapa with something to drink in an authentic Sevillian place.

*Maximum duration: 2 hours. Does not include entrance fees to monuments.
Soul of Seville
In this tour we will make you discover a great part of the charms of Seville, and some really hidden ones... Our guide will pick you up at your hotel or meet you at an agreed point and take you to the Torre del Oro, one of the symbols of the city, from where you will have a panoramic view of the other side of the river and the famous Triana bridge. Afterwards, you will visit a building that is a symbol of the most traditional Sevillian culture: La Maestranza de Sevilla, considered by the great bullfighting masters as the cathedral of bullfighting. After your guide will surprise you with the most hidden secrets of this ancient tradition, you will visit the place where the most beautiful love story of Seville was born: the Hospital de la Caridad and its Church of San Jorge. You will hardly be able to erase this visit from your memories...

*Maximum duration: 3 hours. Includes tickets to the Maestranza and the Hospital de la Caridad.
Aromas of Seville
This visit will focus on one of the neighborhoods with more identity of Seville: Triana. Cradle of flamenco, of good bullfighters and numerous flamenco artists. We will take a walk along the famous Betis street, from where we will get a wonderful panoramic view of Seville, visit the Castle of San Jorge, former seat of the Holy Inquisition and now museum, we will see the Church of Santa Ana, known as the cathedral of Triana and you can taste the other side of the Guadalquivir River, where life happens at another pace, where everything is authentic.

*Maximum duration: 2.5 hrs. Mornings only.
Seville shopping
In a city like Seville you will love everything, even shopping. In this tour, our guide will show you stores that you would hardly find by yourself. Places where handmade products are made, exclusive stores.... You just have to let yourself go!
Full day in Seville
A perfect day in Seville
In the morning visit to the Cathedral, Alcazar and Santa Cruz neighborhood. Later we will accompany you to lunch at a local house. Where the owner will delight you with typical Sevillian dishes prepared with great care. You will have the opportunity to get into the authentic local life of a Sevillian. After lunch we will take a horse-drawn carriage ride and you can enjoy areas of the city that are a little away from the historic center, such as the Plaza de España or the Maria Luisa Park, always accompanied by your guide who will give you explanations of all the monuments that you will find along the way.

At the end of the horse-drawn carriage ride you will enjoy a relaxing Arabian bath, where you will be able to rest from the long day. And they will finish the day with a tapas dinner at one of the best tapas places in Seville.

*Duration: 9 hours. Entrance fees to monuments included.
A flamenco day in Seville
In the morning our guide will take you on a tour of Triana, the flamenco, bullfighting and pottery district par excellence. There you can feel like a local by attending a flamenco class as a student in one of the most prestigious flamenco academies in the same neighborhood of Triana. Afterwards you will enjoy a great lunch in one of the most prestigious restaurants in the city with spectacular views of the Guadalquivir River and the emblematic Torre del Oro.

After lunch we will take a one hour ride on a private boat on the Guadalquivir River, and we will be able to see Seville from another point of view.

At the end of the boat ride our guide will give you a tour of the historic center and you will finish the day attending (this time as spectators) to a flamenco show of the highest quality including dinner in the same flamenco tablao.

*Duration: 8.5 hours.
Unforgettable experiences in Seville
In the morning walk through the neighborhood of Triana to reach a gilding workshop, the only one left in Seville, where we will kindly explain the techniques used for this craft. Then we will visit one of the few remaining pottery workshops in Triana, where they will explain the different techniques of making pottery and we can even decorate a piece of pottery with our own hands. We will finish our morning in a neighbors' corral, one of the few that are still inhabited today. And there we will be given a class on how to cook gazpacho, that wonderful soup so consumed in this land. We will be able to taste it and practice its elaboration.

Lunch will be in a typical Triana tavern and in the afternoon we will take a private boat for a ride on the Guadalquivir. We will finish on a terrace having a drink with spectacular views.
Tapas route
Who hasn't heard of good tapas in Seville? Tapas is undoubtedly one of the greatest attractions of Seville. Let us show you why. It is not only an attraction for visitors; on this route you will find sevillanos and sevillanas in the different bars or taverns you will visit, and you will understand that for us it is a way of life, and that any excuse is a good one to stop with a friend for a tapa in any corner. Our guide will take you to carefully selected places where you can taste the culinary wonders of this city, you can find out the origin of the tapa, what is a piripi, or how to prepare the Seville adobo, gazpacho, pringá .... We can assure you that the gastronomy of Seville will be one of the reasons to always want to return to Seville.

At the end of the route there is the option of enjoying a flamenco show (if the route is done in the afternoon).

*Duration of the route: 2 hours
Beyond Seville
Italica and Monastery of San Isidoro del Campo
Very close to Seville, just seven kilometers away, is the town of Santiponce, which is home to two treasures worth visiting for those who love history and art, one of them is the Monastery of San Isidoro del Campo, founded in the 14th century, and the other is Italica, an ancient Roman city, whose ruins still today take us back to the peculiar life of wealthy Romans, with their customs and palatial houses and to the battles of the Romans. XIV, and the other is Italica, an ancient Roman city, whose ruins still today take us to the peculiar life of wealthy Romans, with their customs and palatial houses and gladiatorial battles in the great amphitheater that we can still admire today.

*Duration of the excursion: 3 hours.
Jerez - Cádiz
Your guide will accompany you from your hotel in Seville to make you spend an unforgettable day strolling through these two wonderful Andalusian cities. Jerez de la Frontera will surprise you with its deep-rooted equestrian tradition and its huge wine cellars coexisting with the hustle and bustle of a modern city. You will have the opportunity to visit the Royal School of Equestrian Art and enjoy the show "How the Andalusian horses dance", you will be impressed by the technique and art of horses and riders. Afterwards, your guide will accompany you to lunch at the most traditional place in Jerez, where you will be able to taste the best dishes of the area. After lunch you will arrive in Cadiz, the oldest city in the West, you will be escorted through the historic center, you will see its Cathedral, its famous white sand beaches ... you will not want to return ...

*Duration of the excursion: 9 hours.

Unforgettable guided tours in Seville

If you visit Seville, do not hesitate to contact us, we will make a customized tour according to your tastes in which you will not forget your visit to the city.
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