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Tourist guides in Seville

How did I become a tour guide?

Hello! My name is Sandra and I am a native and licensed local guide in love with my city. "Who hasn't seen Seville has missed one of the wonders of the world" is an old saying we have heard many times. It will be a pleasure to help you discover all the wonders of this fascinating city.

I was born in this wonderful city, and grew up in Triana, the most authentic neighborhood of the city, where flamenco art was born and where life is still truly local, so I started to love Seville at home.

When I was studying a degree in Tourism I started working for the city council organizing and guiding tours in the historical building of the city hall. Then I realized that being a guide was going to be my goal in my professional life. I started to love history and traditions. I took the exams to get my guide's license while working for a tour operator, and finally got it in 2001.

Details of my work
I am a full time local guide and I feel very lucky because my passion is my way of life. I really enjoy doing tours in my city, taking my clients to the most amazing and amazing places, telling them the most interesting stories and seeing their stunned faces when they discover for the first time beautiful places in my city. I love their "WOWS"!!!!

I can focus my tours on history, architecture, traditions, local gastronomy and good wine (I am an expert), sports, religious buildings, palaces, handicrafts, bullfighting or even shopping, I know the best stores in town! All my tours can be customized according to your needs and interests.

I am accompanied by a group of official guides, who with their professionalism and enthusiasm will show you the most captivating and charming Seville.
Why choose Exquisite Seville?

I was born in Seville, so I know the best exclusive places in the city.


We offer Andalusia's warm and close treatment to those who hire our tours.

Language proficiency

We have an excellent command of English in which communication will flow.

I show you the most exclusive places in Seville.

I am from the city itself, so I know the most exclusive and artistic places. Now, my job is to show you these places that you will love.

Unforgettable guided tours in Seville

If you visit Seville, do not hesitate to contact us, we will make a customized tour according to your tastes in which you will not forget your visit to the city.
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